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Thank you for your interest in 7drums.


There is a good chance that you’ve asked about a 7drums endorsement because you are interested in supporting the 7drums brand and vision.   Before you complete the application, we thought it might be a good idea to explain why we do or do not sign an artist into the 7drums FAMI7Y.


By its basic definition, an "endorsement" means an artist fully commits to and swears by a particular company, brand or product. In other words, that company’s product is the best and only product that the artist wants to play or use. The artist endorses the company, just as much or more as the company endorses the artist.


From a business standpoint, a custom drum manufacturer (like 7drums) acknowledges the endorsement because that artist is popular enough to influence consumers. The manufacturer makes the relationship official by signing the artist, so that the buying public is made aware of that two-way partnership. The idea being that when that partnership is made known to the artist’s fans it will influence them to buy more of the same products the artist chooses to play.

In such a relationship each party benefits:


  • The artist receives professional equipment that he/she believes is the best in supporting or representing his/her musical voice. In addition, they receive the support needed in all relative circumstances. 

  • The manufacturer sees an increase in sales due to the additional exposure the artist gives the brand and the consumers they influence.


Here are some of the considerations for most endorsements:


  • Excessive amount of hits on a Social Media (i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

  • CD/Record Sales approaching decent amounts for a particular genre

  • Television, studio, movie and video credits

  • Participation in high visibility tours and drum clinics

  • Other Endorsements (such as drumsticks, cymbals, heads, etc.)

  • Teaching credentials from major university or education systems

  • Major influence on drummers in a specific genre of music to help promote a brand and product


How does someone get an endorsement from 7drums?

In addition to the points previously listed, we look a little more into each artist. Receiving a 7drums endorsement is basically being accepted into our FAMI7Y. We take great pride in our roster and are very selective about who decide to build partnerships with.  We want to ensure the partnership is long lasting and benefits both parties.


  • Popularity/Influence - As listed above, a drummer’s popularity and influence is essential in helping 7drums build our brand and promote the workmanship of our product. How much can and will that particular drummer influence the buying public?  This can be seen through a social presence (Facebook, ReverbNation, Twitter, etc.) and consistent live performances. 


  • Personality - Each and every 7drums artist has their own personality we want to embrace and promote, but we are truly a FAMI7Y. It’s important that each artist signed knows that success will depend on the relationship. 7drums commits to offering the best artist service in the business. This is because we understand the importance of an artist getting the best tools to make their music. In return, we only ask that the artist understand that we exist for not just one artist, but for the whole 7drums FAMI7Y. We work as a family and a Team and we expect our artists to work as hard for us as we do for them.


  • Talent - We believe in the quality of our roster and we want to expand our brand to multiple genres.  Every drummer brings a different approach, style and playing to their genre and we want to do our part to help them continue to deliver an exceptional performance.


Now that you have a little more of an idea of how we see things regarding endorsements, you can better determine whether you fit into that description. Maybe you do today or maybe you will in the future, timing is everything.  Completing the application is a first step of committing to the 7drums philosophy, brand and culture.  If you feel you can and want to be part of our journey, then continue on…


I’m Ready!

If you feel you meet the 7drums endorsement criteria, complete the 7drums Endorsement Application.  This is not a contract or agreement and serves only to begin the communication for a potential artist relationship with 7drums. Please keep in mind that incomplete applications will not be considered. Aside from the application, please include any of the following (the more you include the better):


  • Press kit that contains a bio/photo (e-kits are acceptable)

  • Articles from major publications (Billboard, R&R, etc.)

  • Any recordings (ReverbNation, iTunes, SoundCloud, etc.) and/or video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) that best represent your playing style.


Thank you for spending the time to review our criteria and completing the application. Maybe we will be working together someday.


Best wishes to you and your drumming career.


Ricky Reyes

7drums Founder & CEO

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