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7drums Referral Incentive


As we continue to grow and build our 7drums brand, we are looking into creative and proactive ways to incentivize drummers endorsed by 7drums.  Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising and we want to do our part to help those who help us.


Here's a quick view of the proposed incentive program:


Snare Customer

For all snare purchases, we will tier the incentive based on the cost of their snare. 

- Snare up to $300 = $10 incentive

- Snare up to $400 = $15 incentive

- Snare up to $500+ = $25 incentive


Full Kit Customer

Same approach as above:

- Kit up to $1,500 = $50 incentive

- Kit up to $2,500 = $75 incentive

- Kit up to $3,500 = $150 incentive

- Kit $5,000 and up = $200 incentive 



As we take on new customers, part of our process is to ask “who referred you to 7drums”. Once we get the referral name, we contact them and thank them for the referral and let them know the custom order process has started. Once the customer they referred has paid for the custom kit or snare in full, we will send over a gift card of the tier amount you qualify for listed above.


We understand that customers are influenced by people and all we want to do is give back to those we've entrusted to carry the 7drums brand. It's not easy out there and if we can do our part to help, we will.



The information above is proprietary and property of 7drums.  This is confidential information not to be shared with anyone outside of the 7drums family.

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