In our continued efforts to be a "Customer First" company, we are proud to introduce yet another ground breaking opportunity for our drum FAMI7Y - the 7drums FAMI7Y PLAN.

What is it?  This is our way of giving back to the drum community that works so hard at doing what you love, playing drums.  For only $7 a month you get to take advantage of wholesale pricing on literally thousands of products:

  • DW Hardware

    • Cymbal Stands​

    • Hi-Hat Stands

    • Kick Pedals

    • Snare Stands

    • Thrones and much more

  • The Full LP Product Line

    • Cajons​

    • Congas

    • Djembes

    • Timbales and much more

How to Get Started!

Step 1 => Subscribe to the FAMI7Y PLAN and start saving today!

Step 2 => Check out our products in our store or the attached PDFs below.

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Check out the products we carry by either visiting our online store or opening the catalogs below:

DW Hardware

LP Congas Bongos & Timbales

LP Cajons Djembes & Brazilian Perc

LP Cowbells &

Hand Percussion

LP Shakers Tambourines & More