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7drums FAMI7Y

7drums at Red Rocks

Pre Show Fun

7drums FAMI7Y with Neal McCoy

The Crew

Kevin Fowler, Les Lawless, Wade Bowen and Ed Reyes

Las Vegas

Matt Tooker, Lester Estelle and Ricky Reyes

Neal McCoy

Showing some LO7E to 7drums and "Drummers Be Bangin"

All in the FAMI7Y

7drums is proud to offer robust endorsements to musicians from various backgrounds. Our endorsements are not just about showcasing our custom products.  We pride ourselves in truly caring for our drummers. That means building a true relationship with each of them and welcoming them to our 7drums family. From the initial build of each of their kits to the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of their drums and accessory needs; we cater and are committed to each of our drummers throughout the lifetime of our endorsement.


7drums works hard to make our experience more than just a building process.  We don't want to be a custom drum company, we strive to be a personal drum company.

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